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Product Description


  • 1. Charging Time: 8-10 hours (Charger DC output is 59V 2.6A)

    2. 0-30km/hr Acceleration: 4-7 seconds

    3. Top Speed: 32km/hr

    4. Lighting: Front directional and rear LED

    5. LCD digital screen including odometer and outside temperature gauge

    6. One key fits ignition and compartment locks

    7. Locking steering column and rear wheel hub for safe parking

    8. Double kickstand for long-term parking and single flickstand for quick trips

    9. Anti-theft alarm

    10. Battery: 48V 20Ah or 960Wh Rechargeable Battery

    11. Motor: 350W Running, 500W Peak

    12. Load Capacity: 125kg(275lbs) (not including 71kg bike weight)

    13. Constant Driving Distance: 60-70km (depending on conditions)

    14. Max. Climbing Ability: 16 degrees

    15. Min./Max. Operating Temp: -10C to 40C

  • 16. Net. Weight: 75kgs
  • 17. Loading Capacity: 125kgs